Hi! My name is Sander Moolin.

I'm a web and game developer focused on Vue, WordPress, SVG, and accessibility.

I've worked on:

I'm also very interested in game development and decentralized apps/browsing. I've worked on:

I'm non-binary, so I use they/them pronouns. I also believe very strongly in the Ethical Design pyramid.

White AMAB programmers like myself have a responsibility to understand how the tools they build can be used to harm people who US society already actively works to harm, especially people of color and/or people who are trans, queer, feminine, and/or have disabilities.

Tech needs people who will be affected directly by the tools they build, not just who will make money off of those tools.

I want to contribute to a world where those points are the bare minimum for building software and creating art with code, and I want to do so in a way that creates exciting, beautiful, and challenging material.

I'm also on Twitter, Github, and Fritter. Thanks for reading!